Endorsement for “Friedrich Silaban” by Martien de Vletter

The work and life of Friedrich Silaban has fascinated me as I was able to see many of his works in Jakarta and his archives at his home in Bogor in the nineties. His work as an architect over a long period of time has developed but was always consistent. When visiting the buildings one realizes his careful play with light and the use of materials. The publication, and the research on his work contextualizes Silaban’s work in terms of history and geography. Silaban was aware of his own history but clearly projected the future as well. A future that represented an idea on Indonesian architecture within an international context. It is fantastic to see the works of Silaban concentrated all together in this publication in a way you would never be able to see it in reality. The publication not only provides an insight on the work of Silaban and the era he worked in, but allows readers to look forward and to enables us to contextualize our present time.

Martien de Vletter

Associate Director, Canadian Centre from Architecture

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